Social Travel – For Many…It’s the Only Way to Go!

The latest travel trend is “Social Travel”. It’s group travel for today’s traveler! When you go, you may or may not know some of the people in the group. It’s all about bringing travelers together from all over the world to go on an adventure and discover new cultures, while the tour takes the hassle out of travel. The appeal is simple: You + other travelers + cool experiences + a new part of the world = Social Travel.

On September 24th I am leading a Social Travel tour on a “Journey Through the Clouds” with the acclaimed Rocky Mountaineer. This will be my second tour with Rocky Mountaineer and I’m even more excited to go knowing how much fun it will be. To get a sneak peak of our adventure, take a look at some of the highlights from my first tour here – The Spectacular Canadian Rockies!

While I am traveling through the Canadian Rockies, I’ll be posting many pictures on my Facebook and Instagram pages. So, follow along and you’ll see why Social Travel is such a fun and exciting way to go!

Discover just a few of the many advantages or Social Travel with XOOM Tours…

It’s hassle-free as all of the details are already planned!

With XOOM Tours, Social Travel means inclusive tour packages that have been curated for travelers who like to take advantage of trips that are prearranged, prepaid, include everything from knowledgeable guides to transportation to accommodations, to meals, attractions, tours and admission fees and often personalized group experiences not available to the standard traveler. As the traveler, all you must do is wake up on-time, sit back, relax and enjoy the adventure!

Local area experts have already planned for you to see the Best of the Best!

Want to know where the best Pisco Sours are in Peru? Want to go off the beaten path and experience something cool? Are you a foodie that wants to learn how to make pasta in Florence? Or croissants in Paris? Or chocolate bars in St. Lucia?

You’ll visit many of the iconic locations in each destination, but it’s the unexpected experiences that you’ll always talk about after the trip that take Social Travel to the next level. Expert local guides are with you sharing the history, insider knowledge and experiences one can only get locally. They are your personal travel guru!

You have free time to do your own thing and explore on your own!

While Social Travel means spending time with the group, you’re not joined at the hip 24/7. There is plenty of free time planned into the schedule so you can set out on your own and explore your personal passions.

Have an interest in fine art, cooking, old books, cave dwelling or shopping? Want to arrive early to settle in or leave later to explore further? Then adding on a few additional days to extend your tour is also an option. Whatever it is, you can enjoy many activities with the group and tailor the tour with experiences that appeal specifically to you. It’s a win/win for everyone!

If you’re a single traveler, there is safety in numbers!

These days more and more travelers want to go out and see the world but can’t always find a travel buddy. Some don’t feel safe going alone or often don’t have the confidence to manage the many changing details like air, train, and taxi transportation, accommodations, meals, attractions / tours, directions, language, and more. Or the destination may be one where even two or three female friends may not feel comfortable traveling. In all of these cases, joining a Social Travel tour is ideal.

The trips are often more affordable!

Social Travel is often more affordable because the trips are put together with “buying power”. XOOM Tours and our global partners have a lot of negotiating clout with accommodations, transportation and in destination partners.  We can often include special amenities or promotions not available to the public including room upgrades (subject to availability), daily breakfast for two, food & beverage credit or Hotel/Resort credit or Spa credits, early check-in/late checkout (subject to availability) and more.

It’s a great way to meet new people!

It seems the more digital our world becomes as we work, shop, order food, and entertain ourselves without having to leave home, the more isolated we’ve become. One of the best things about Social Travel is making new friends from around the world. You’ll soon feel like you made lifelong friends with some of them. I have many friends around the world that I’ve met on a trip, and we still keep in touch. Several of us also continue to Socially Travel together. It’s an easy way to meet people and make new friends!

Experience, Experience, Experience!

XOOM Tours has been championing Social Travel for many years. I have been a travel professional for the past 16 years and have escorted more than 75 domestic and international Social Tours while participating as a traveler in many more.

I’ve made filling up my passport a top priority. I love the smell of a famous local dish simmering over the stove, the heady, exotic spices perfuming the air in the local markets and the off-the-beaten path experiences that my in-destination partners plan for us!

I love the cultural quirks of a new destination (or, sometimes, how similar they are to our own). And I love the warmth of the people who open their hearts and their homes to us visitors, who usher us over their thresholds with smiles and make us feel as welcome as family.

I love Social Traveling!

Are you ready to discover a different way to travel? What’s on your bucket list?

Let’s explore a way to fill that bucket together!

As your Travel Advisor, I make sure you don’t miss out on extraordinary experiences that you may not be aware of or cannot get on your own, as they are only available through our exclusive global network of travel partners and suppliers.

I use inside information to arrange behind the scenes tours, secure access into exclusive events, have your tours and excursions scheduled at the best times, provide upgrades and amenities when available and more.

My goal is that you return from your vacation saying, “WOW! That was an amazing experience!”

If WOW is what you’re looking for, let’s get started!

Enjoy your week!!


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