XOOM Tours’ Signature Escapes

Join an Escorted Small-Group Tour

Dive deep into your destination. Explore postcard-perfect iconic sites … and off-the-beaten-path wonders. Connect with like-minded travelers who are just as curious about this incredible world as you are.

Do it all with XOOM Tours! You’re invited to join an intimate, escorted journey that’s brimming over with heart & soul.

Here’s why an escorted XOOM Tour is PERFECT for curious travelers yearning for a smooth, stress-free escape:

Immersive Exploration

A XOOM Tour is a hands-on celebration of your destination. Get ready to engage (and indulge!) all your senses as we explore what makes a place so singularly spectacular.

Thanks to my vetted list of on-the-ground travel contacts, I’m able to include tours and excursions with a distinctly local flavor—and that support the local communities we visit. From aromatic market tours to farm-fresh meals in the private homes of welcoming locals, VIP before-hours museum visits to long afternoons spent among the twisted vines of a centuries-old vineyard, we will truly immerse ourselves in the authentic side of our destination.

True Peace of Mind

A XOOM Tour is an in-depth exploration made effortless. I personally escort every trip, handling behind-the-scenes logistics and ensuring a flawless tour experience for you from start to finish.

The result? You simply get to revel in your astounding destination—and connect with other like-minded travelers on your tour. You can expect an intimate, personalized journey that fosters camaraderie and fuels your curiosity. A XOOM Tour is the perfect way to explore new countries, nurture new friendships, and make new discoveries … without the hassles of planning a thing yourself!

What’s Included in Every XOOM Tour:

Explore the XOOM Tour itineraries below for specifics on exactly what’s included in a particular trip.

Design Your Own Group Tour

Are you the leader of a group, club, or business driven by shared passions? Let’s craft a custom group tour just for you!  We can design a tailored travel experience that allows you to dive deeper into the interests you share with your club members or customers—building incredible loyalty and camaraderie along the way.

You can market your custom group trip to your audience, and I’ll escort the trip with you to ensure it all goes off without a hitch. To explore this option, email me at [email protected] so we can set up your complimentary consultation call.

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