Meet Lisa VanBuhler

Founder of XOOM Tours

Growing up, “traveling” meant something a whole lot different for me than booking a flight and filling up my passport pages. With five kids in tow, my parents would often just pack up their Ford Fairmont station wagon and drive us to visit relatives in a neighboring state. That was our version of vacation.

So, instead of hopping on planes, I explored the world by turning the pages of National Geographic Magazine. I pored over fantastic images of faraway places—places I could hardly believe existed!

Those magazine pages inspired not only a love of travel, but a passion for photography. I received my first camera in the 4th grade (a Christmas gift from Santa!) and began filtering my world through my camera lens.

Since then, I’ve made filling up my passport pages a top priority—letting my photographer’s eye lead the way

I often plan my own travels (and many XOOM escorted tours!) around a photograph I’ve seen. If it makes me pause and say “wow,” then I’ve just got to visit in person.

But of course, a camera doesn’t capture everything.

It doesn’t capture the smell of a famous local dish simmering over the stove, the heady, exotic spices perfuming the air. It doesn’t capture the cultural quirks of a new destination (or, sometimes, how similar they are to our own). And it doesn’t fully capture the warmth of the people who open their hearts and their homes to us visitors, who usher us over their thresholds with smiles and make us feel as welcome as family.

That’s why, when I design travel experiences for my clients today, I make sure your itinerary captures it ALL—the sights, sounds, and soulful spirit of a place.

You can expect a travel journey that’s detailed, immersive, and rooted in the local culture.

So you’re not just tasting a local delicacy—you’re cooking it up yourself in the chef’s own home, using just-plucked produce from the garden right outside the kitchen door.

You’re not just admiring a gorgeous sea view—you’re slicing through the water on a guided kayak adventure.

And, of course, you’re not having to think of where to go next, or how to get there. Whether it’s through a custom itinerary or an organized escorted tour, I take care of all the logistics for you for a flawless escape that keeps the focus on the astounding destination you’re exploring.

Stress-free, full of heart, and good for the soul.

That’s the XOOM Tour’s way.

Ready to embark on your own expertly planned journey? I invite you to connect with me on your complimentary consultation call, or explore inspiring destinations.

Get to Know Lisa: 5 Fast Facts

Get to Know Lisa:
5 Fast Facts

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